Saturday 8 February 2014


Plum lips is a makeup trend that comes around every year from Autumn through Winter. 
I love it. Being very fair skinned I find wearing pink/nude shades on my lips often gives me that dreaded washed out look (not very attractive, right?). All year round I stick to different shades of red so it's a nice change when Autumn comes around to be able to experiment with some darker colours!

I first stumbled across this lovely deep plum shade last Autumn. One thing I used to always wish for from drug store/high street stores such as Boots or Superdrug was a better range of good quality matte lipsticks at an affordable price. It seemed to be a rarity. I remember I purchased the shade "Valparaiso" from Nars just before I discovered this range from Rimmel, which is a plum/wine matte lipstick but around three times the price. I was sceptical about the quality of the Rimmel Kate Moss collection but I have been pleasantly surprised and have now purchased this product twice.

The colour pay-off from this product is excellent (the above swatch was just one swipe on my arm). I sometimes find with matte lipsticks that they can be very drying on the lips and can draw attention to any dry patches but this product is feels creamy as you apply it but has a lovely smooth matte finish. I like the simplicity of the packaging. I also find that these lipsticks last a long time - literally! When I first purchased this product last August it was still going strong in March after wearing it constantly during that period.

I have seen this product on darker skin tones and it also looks beautiful. You can be very light-handed with it or mix it up with a lip balm to give a less dramatic look, in my experience it is very versatile, affordable product (currently only £3.99 in Boots!). 

My only advice about this product would be to wear a lipliner unless you are mixing it with a balm. As with all darker lipsticks, it can bleed slightly around your lips but other than that I love this product and it will definitely be re-appearing in Autumn/Winter 2014!



  1. Lovely colour! The only reason why I haven't bought any lipsticks by Kate Moss is because every time I am in Boots I can't choose! They're all so pretty and I have been seeing good reviews since they came out. xx
    Alex -

    1. haha that was my problem too! I usually stick to reds but there are so many lovely colours to choose from! xx

  2. I've been wanting to buy this lipstick for ages now, it's such a gorgeous colour! Definitely need to pick this up asap. Lovely post!

    Alice xxx

    1. Thank you!
      It's such a lovely autumn/winter colour! You'll love it - might still be on offer too! xxx