Sunday 9 February 2014


If you have read any of the skin care posts on my blog, you'll know I have dry to very dry skin that has a tendency to be quite dehydrated. One of my all time favourite moisturisers is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moistuizing Lotion so when I spotted this little pot at the counter and the fact that it was a hydrator - I had to give it a try!

The product itself is £32.00. Personally I think it's worth it as I found it works wonders for my skin and I still have around half the pot left after purchasing it around 5/6 months ago.

It is an oil free, gel consistency and you apply a layer of this on top of your normal moisturiser (I know what you're thinking). If you haven't used a product like this before it does feel a little strange putting another product on top of your moisturiser as that's usually the last step.

I was advised that it was best to leave this product on overnight if possible to really give it time work. I have to say, this is the one skincare product that I saw a difference with from the first time I used it. When I say my skin is very dry, I mean very dry. At its worst my skin would flake off when I was applying make up - it was awfull as my foundation would always look a mess.

I apply this product each night now, just a thin layer and wash it off in the morning and it really has improved the texture of my skin and made my makeup go on a lot smoother. I would definitely recommend this product if your skin sounds anything like mine!

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