Monday 17 February 2014


From left to right: Contour Brush, Blush Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush

Ahhh don't they look pretty? I have always been a fan of the Real Techniques brush range. The brushes were brought to us by the lovely Sam Chapman of the Chapman sisters - who have a YouTube channel which i'm sure you're all aware of, Pixiwoo!

The brushes are all synthetic, incredibly soft and cruelty free and although each brush has its own designed purpose, I find many of them can be multi-purpose too. For example, I have used the pointed foundation brush for concealer as well as foundation in the past. I love that one brush can have more than just one function. The Core Collection is a cult favourite in the beauty/blogging world, which is actually pictured above (minus the pink blush brush). I find the brushes to be very affordable too, the Core Collection contains 4 high quality brushes which are designed to create the perfect base - all for £21.99 here in the UK and this set includes the very popular buffing brush.

So, what are my top 5 face brush picks?

1. What else could it be? Of course it has to be the cult favourite - the Buffing Brush. I absolutely adore this brush for applying foundation. It creates the perfect, flawless base and I love that the brush doesn't get clogged up with excess product after one use. It doesn't leave your face feeling caked in makeup either, the super soft bristles just effortlessly glide over your face perfectly blending your foundation giving you a smooth, perfected finish. I have also used this brush for cream blusher before with great results.

2. The Contour Brush - This is one of those "does what it says" products. It contours, and it contours very well I might add! The brush again, is super soft and is small enough to fit into the hollow of the cheek to create the perfect sculpted look. I have also used this brush for blusher, and blending concealer around those trickier areas such as the nose and mouth which also works well. I used to be nervous to contour as my skin is so pale, but this brush is so easy to blend with that it doesn't matter if you make a little mistake.

3. The Blush Brush - I rarely use this brush for blusher, it is actually my go-to powder brush. It's just the right size for applying powder to my face and I find it picks up just the right amount of product for me, as I only really swirl a tiny amount of powder on my nose. I've had mine for a long time and it hasn't gone out of shape at all which I love. Great multi-purpose powder brush.

4. The Detailer Brush - This is definitely a favourite of mine when the blemishes come out. It is perfect for focusing on small areas that need a little more attention when concealing! I have also used this brush for my lips actually, it's the perfect size to apply lip colour.

5. The Pointed Foundation Brush - I love this brush when i'm going for a more full coverage look. The buffing brush gives you more of a natural, sheer-medium looking finish but this brush is perfect for those days where you just want to go for more of a medium-full look. The bristles are super soft yet firm and for me, this brush can double up as a concealer brush - particularly for under the eyes. I find this brush works best for liquid foundation.

One thing I also noticed with all of the Real Techniques brushes is that they're very easy to clean. The synthetic bristles don't cling onto the product like some of my other brushes. I simply use some baby shampoo and swirl each brush around, rinse and leave them to dry on a towel. I've had my Core Collection for a long time and they still work like a dream!

What are your favourite Real Techniques brushes?


  1. Fab post! I love Real Techniques brushes! (:

    Kelly x

    1. Me too, they're all such high quality. I haven't had a bad experience with one brush! x

  2. Just bought my first Real Technique brushes this month and I need more!! Great review! I want to try the pointed foundation brush next.

    1. Thank you! They're great quality, affordable brushes. They've lasted me years!