Thursday 29 May 2014


Hello lovelies! It's been a while so grab a cup of tea, and here's the update!

So, it's been a while since my last blog post, April 1st to be exact but there have been a few reasons for that. I started a new job at the beginning of April, and i'm now working in fashion retail. In addition to starting a new job I finally turned 21 a few days later, so things got a bit hectic for a while. After I settled in to my new job and my 21st birthday celebrations were coming to an end, I had my next big hurdle to get over before Summer... EXAMS!

I think i've mentioned this before but I'm currently studying Psychology at university, and not only did I have my own exams to worry about, I was also tutoring and working at the same time so that didn't leave much time to blog. As much as I love blogging, it had to take a back-seat throughout April and May whilst all that craziness was going on. To be honest i've felt a bit 'meh' about my blog recently because every time I sit down to write, nothing comes to me or it doesn't flow as I would like it too. I haven't gone completely off the radar and I have been updating my Instagram and Twitter regularly but now that Summer is finally upon us I can finally get back into some kind of blogging routine. I've had some really cool feedback about my Instagram posts about juicing, smoothies and recipes so I will be incorporating that into my blog a lot more over the coming months!

I have wanted to take my blog in a new direction for a while now, don't get me wrong I love writing about the latest beauty and makeup products but there are other aspects of beauty I want to talk about more such as food and exercise. My new job in fashion retail has also brought out quite the fashion blogger in me, and has inspired me to do more fashion posts, OOTD's and so on. I'm excited to incorporate these changes over the next couple of weeks, and I think it will make my blog more personal and rounded. I even bought a diary (I know, blogging pro right here) to plan out my posts and jot down ideas as they come - hopefully that will combat the bloggers block that I have been plagued with recently!

I'm also working on my camera technique, and taking the best pictures possible for my blog so i'll be experimenting with some different backgrounds and lighting over the next few weeks. Unfortunately the weather here in Scotland doesn't generate the best lighting for pictures but i'm working on it! I hope you can bare with me until things settle down again. Sometimes life just takes over like that and gets a bit hectic, but I'm so glad university is over for this year and that things are starting to settle down because I can't wait to share my new ideas and posts with you.