Tuesday 28 October 2014


23:52pm: cup of tea, laptop, blogger open, *begins writing*...

So it's been about two months since I last posted anything on my blog. I know, right? I did have a lot of good intentions to write during that time but to be honest, I just wasn't feeling it. Don't get me wrong, I still love blogging, but a lot of things have been changing for me recently and I just had to take a minute to figure everything out.

Firstly, I moved out of the family home and now have my own little flat. That's right folks, I flocked the nest and now live on my own. Scary stuff, eh? I've actually wanted to live on my own for quite some time now *cue Destiny's Child's 'Independent Woman'* but things just ended up falling into place quite nicely this year in order to make that happen. I absolutely love my flat, and having my own space, ever since I can remember i've been keen to get out there on my own. In addition to moving house, I got a little flatmate in the form of a kitten last month, Marvin, and he's quite the little troublemaker, but he's so cute and fun to have around.

Secondly, work work work. I think I mentioned in a previous post much earlier this year about how I was changing jobs to work in fashion retail. Well it's been around 7 months i've been working there now and it has to be said, the girls I have met during my time there are some of the funniest, hardworking, and inspiring girls i've ever met. Those girls have me in stitches all day. Long story short, I decided to hand in my notice recently as i'm currently working on a couple of my own things, in addition to university (and we'll get to that shortly *sigh*).

Truth be told, the girls I work with have so much potential to do great things. One girl just aced her masters degree in Victorian Literature - a subject I can only ever dream to get my head around. Another girl, well, we all think she is really a Colombian goddess who should be walking the runways at LFW. Another girl, is just starting out at university, and she's so bubbly and positive that you can't help but smile and laugh around her. Another one of the girls is like my second mum, and one of the most genuine, and caring people i've ever met. Another girl and I share a running joke that if we were in the Harry Potter films we'd both belong to Slytherin (and no, we're not evil or scheming world domination) she is simply a master of sarcasm and wit, and has me in stitches every time i'm at work. Never has there been a better bunch of girls to work with. If you can't tell, I love them and even after I leave later this month I hope they all continue to be good friends of mine. Who else am I going to share spanish delicacies with after work?!

Thirdly, my struggle with university. This is something that has been playing on my mind for a long time, probably since before I even started university. I was never one of those kids who had big academic dreams of going to university, to be quite honest I dreaded the entire idea of going. I've always thought I was a creative person trying to be an academic. However, despite that I am currently continuing my studies at university, but it's just become another box to tick off to me. I know it would make my family happy if I came out with a degree. Now, you may think that is a very reckless statement to make, but if ever there was a time I felt trapped in a place that I wasn't thriving in - it's university. On the flip side, i've also met some awesome people at university, and I will complete it as the final hurdle of my education.

There's something very liberating about being brutally honest with yourself. It makes you question what your next moves are going to be, and I suppose that's why i've turned my attention more to my own ideas and plans over the past few months. There really is no time to be unhappy in your life, in whatever you are doing. We get a very short time on this wonderful planet we call home, and you should experience as many things as you can during that time. I feel like every time I turn on the news theres countless tragic stories about young lives being lost, and for me that only reinforces the idea that none of us can really say for sure that we're going to be here tomorrow, next week or next year so why aren't you doing what you want to do today?

Have a little more trust in your own mind, don't settle for less, strive for the best, make the most of now, and don't let the small stuff get you down. 

"You've always had the power my dear... you had it all along." - The Wizard of Oz

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  1. Aw, I love this. After being on a hiatus on my own blog for school and stress reasons (usually the two go hand in hand, don't they?) I totally understand this post. Hey, this is your part of the Internet, and there's no need to be sorry about not doing something. It's all good! Plus, you have a kitten to fawn over :) wishing you all the best!