Sunday 23 March 2014


If i'm completely honest, I haven't really ventured into Mac much over the years. I've purchased the odd product here and there but if you were to take a peek into my makeup collection, very few products I use are from Mac. However, recently i've been on the hunt for a perfect matte brown blush shade, with not much luck until I came across "Prism"...

I was stood gazing at all the colours, and had countless swatches on my hands and arms - the girl that worked there even offered me her arm to swatch on too! One thing I do love about Mac is that the products are always on show and available for you to swatch. After much deliberation I settled on Prism, which happens to be one of their bestsellers. I loved that it was a warm brown shade with just a hint of pink and it was matte - exactly what I had been searching for!

The shade is also ideal for me as a contour as I have very pale skin. I know what you're thinking, it looks quite dark for someone with pale skin (I thought that too) but with a light hand and the right application it blends like a dream. I love accidentally stumbling across multi-purpose products! The pigmentation is fantastic so I only need a tiny amount on my brush, and although the product was £18 I know it will last a long time and I would definitely go back and pick up some more shades.

Love. Love. Love.